Jordyn Bonds

Product & Technology @ Early Stage Startups

Hello! 👋

I've been working in tech for 24 years.

In that time, I've taken countless web and mobile products from nothing to something and beyond.

If your idea, product, or team could use a strategic jolt, let's chat!


Project: Establish product thinking, processes, and personnel as the company hit product-market-fit

"When Jordyn joined the company, Brio was experiencing explosive growth but lacked the team and processes to scale sustainably. Jordyn helped identify what was strategically important for the company to achieve in the product, instituted cross-functional collaborative processes to enact the strategy, and recruited the core product and engineering team that is still in place today." – Cindy Mottershead, CTO

Project: Launch a mobile app

"Jordyn steered us toward an impactful and achievable MVP. She kept us focused on both Renaissance's core differentiators in the market and the value proposition for users throughout the project. She even helped us identify and evaluate the external partner who designed and built the app. Any product team would benefit from Jordyn's strategic thinking and experience executing." – Michael Freilich, CPO

Project: Review existing technology and make a strategic plan for growth

"Jordyn helped us better understand and communicate the value of our technology within the larger strategic direction of the business. Her insight helped us secure additional funding as well as create a strategic plan for resourcing technology as we moved the business forward." – Danika Khong, CEO

Project: Launch a COPPA-compliant web3 mobile app

"Jordyn worked with stakeholders from multiple organizations to quickly understand a new problem parents were facing during the pandemic: Keeping track of their children’s remote special education services while schools were closed. She collaborated with us on an initial solution that met the needs of a diverse, non-tech-savvy population." – O. Sophia Johansson, Northeast Family Leadership Program Director

Project: Envision and execute a strategic product pivot

"When Twitter radically overhauled its posture towards automated API calls, Jordyn's diligence and creativity turned a data pipeline crisis into a strategic product opportunity. Upon release of the updated API guidelines, she identified where our integration with Twitter was in danger and combined that with ongoing user and customer research to chart a product pivot that ultimately increased engagement and retention. Her ability to innovate in a crisis directly contributed to our value as an acquisition several months later." – Cindy Mottershead, CTO